1. How do you determine the selling price?

Privately, to retain only the price at which we are willing to let go our treasures.

2. Is the selling price negotiable?

Yes, at a higher amount.

3. Can I send you unsolicited information or promotional material?


4. Is the colour of the jewel purchased from TresorsDuMonde.ca the colour I see when I look at the photos of that jewel on TresorsDuMonde.ca?

We take the pictures of our items so that they get as close as possible to what the (healthy) human eye sees. The colours you see however, depend on the graphic card of the device you use to view our items and, the display / colour preferences of the device. Look at the photo and explanations below, expressed in a non technical language, to get a better idea.

Also keep in mind that Social Media have there own display / colour preferences, which can influence the colour seen on the screen when browsing their site. Some may convert the images’ wide colour range to sRGB. Worse, some even strip out colour profiles completely.

P.S.: Turquoise is the name of the colour given to these Crystal Pearls by Swarovski